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Residents of the Settlement of Summer Quarters, Washington County, Nebraska


The list of residents was composed from a list of the names of the male members at Summer Quarters, from fifteen years old and upwards by John D. Lee on July 9, 1847 (1).  Those on this list are in bold print. 

Other members of the family are listed but may not have been in Summer Quarters.  Some had died before that time and some of the children had married and were living with their own families elsewhere.

Alanson Allen

Joseph Allen (Joseph Stewart Allen)
Lucy Diantha Morely (wife)
Mary Elizabeth Allen
Caroline Delight Allen
Lucy Gunn Allen
Cordelia Allen (died 1846)
Calista Allen (died 1846)
Joseph Lorenzo Allen (died 1847)

Marshall Franklin Allen

Miles Anderson
Nancy Elizabeth Pace (wife)
Elizabeth Anderson (married to Allen Joseph Stout) (died 1848)
James Pace Anderson
Samuel Anderson (died 1827)
Sarah Anderson
Mary Anderson
Martha Anderson (died 1846)
Charlotte Anderson
Eliza Anderson
Martin Huston Anderson
Milton Benton Anderson (died 1846)
William Rucker Anderson

Josiah Arnold
Martha McDuffee (wife) (died 1840)

Elizabeth “Betsy” Bliss (wife)
Caroline Arnold (died 1847)
Margaret Elizabeth Arnold (died 1840)
Orson Pratt Arnold
Joseph Smith Arnold

Eli Bennett
Louisa May Zufeldt (wife)

James Busby (Joseph E. Busby)
Ann Cady Eldredge (wife)
Esther Ann Busby
Matilda Busby
William Busby

G. W.  Clark (George Washington Clark)

Alanson Colby
Frances Knight (wife)
Lois Alvira Colby

Henry Collins (Charles Henry Collins)
Jane Marie Houston (wife)
Charles Collins

S. A. Dunn (Simeon Adams Dunn)
Adaline Rawson (wife) (died 1841)
Adaline Dunn
Francis Dunn (died 1835)
Mary Dunn
Maria Dunn (died 1836)
Amariah Dunn (died 1837)
Mosiah Dunn (died 1837)

Margaret Snyder (wife) (died 1846)
Susannah Dunn
Simeon Dunn (died 1846)

A. P. Free (Absalom Pennington Free)
Martha Belcher (wife) (died 1821)
Andrew Belcher Free
Marinda Free (died 1821)
Minerva Free (died 1821)
John Belcher Free

Elizabeth Strait (wife)
Louisa Free
Emeline Free
John Wesley Free (died 1841)
Hannah Corilla Free
Preston S. Free (Preston Strait Free)
Mary Amanda Free (died 1845)
Telitha Cumi Free
Finley Carroll Free
Sarah Elvira Free
William Oliver Free
Minerva E. Free (died 1847)
Miranda Free (died 1847)

E. M. Fuller (Edward Meeks Fuller)
Hannah Elizabeth Eldridge (wife)
Sarah Ann Fuller (married Samuel Gully)
Thomas Eldridge Fuller
Matilda Caroline Fuller (married Daniel Duncan McArthur)
Ovanda Fuller (married Samuel Gully)
Miranda J. Fuller (married Guy Collins Barnum)
Hannah Elizabeth Fuller (married Lorenzo Hill Hatch)
E. M. Fuller, Jr.  (Edward Meeks Fuller, Jr.)
Sanford Fuller
Emma Fuller
Moroni Fuller

Thomas Eldridge Fuller
Sarah Elizabeth McArthur (wife)

Samuel Gully
Sarah Ann Fuller (wife)

Ovanda Fuller (wife)
Henrietta Gully

Hatch (Lorenzo Hill Hatch)
Hannah Elizabeth Fuller (wife)

McGee Harris
Mary “Polly” Givens (wife)
Sarah Johnson Harris
Margaret Jane Harris
Martha Givens Harris
Alexander Harris
William Harris
Mary Ann Harris
Eli Harris
Emily Caroline Harris

George W. Hickerson, Sr. (George Washington Hickerson)
Sarah Woolsey (wife)
Elizabeth Abigail Hickerson
Isaac Woolsey Hickerson
Susannah Woolsey Hickerson
Joseph William Woolsey Hickerson
James Hickerson
George Washington Hickerson, Jr.

Isaac Houston
Theodocia Keyes (wife)
Jane Maria Houston (married Charles Henry Collins)
Louisa Houston (died 1842)
Sisson C. Houston (died 1842)
Emeline Houston
Mindwell Houston
Alma Houston (died 1845)
Isaac Houston, Jr.

Thomas Smith Johnson
Patience Thornton (wife)
William S. Johnson (died 1841)
Isaac H. Johnson

Charles Kennedy
Cornelia R. Gates (wife)
Eleanor Rosaline Kennedy
Charles Doty Kennedy

Frances Gates (wife)

Huldah Elvira Clark (wife)
James Horace Kennedy
Cornelia Elmina Kennedy
Silas Francis Kennedy

Nathan W. Knight (Nathan Kinsman Knight)
Lois Emily Twitchell Witham (wife) (died 1832)
Levi Knight (died 1843)
John Knight (died 1838)
Frances Knight (married Alanson Colby)
Mary Knight
Zelotus Knight

Lucinda Sanborn (wife) (died 1842)

Naomi Churchill (wife) (died 1846)

Eunice Churchill (wife) (died 1842)

Janette Elizabeth Laird (wife)

John Laird (John L. Laird)
Marian Calhoun (wife)
James Daniel Laird
Janette Elizabeth Laird (married Nathan Kinsman Knight)
John Calhoun Laird
Walter Louis Laird
Delarriet Laird
Joseph Laird
Marian Calhoun Laird
Martha Jane Laird

George Laub
Mary Jane McGinness (wife)
Ephraim Laub (died 1846)
Luemma Laub

John D. Lee (John Doyle Lee)
Abigail Sheffer Woolsey (wife)

Agatha Ann Woolsey (wife)
William Oliver Lee (1835)
Elizabeth Adeline Lee (1838)
Sarah Jane Lee
John Alma Lee
Mary Adeline Lee
Joseph Hyrum Lee
Heber John Lee

Rachel Andora Woolsey (wife)

Sarah Caroline Williams (wife)

Nancy Bean (wife)
Cornelia Lee

Louisa Free (wife)

Talitha Morris (wife)

Abigail Schaffer (wife)

Nancy Ann Vance (wife)

Rachel Andora Woolsey (wife)

Martha Elizabeth Berry (wife)

Mary Ann Workman (wife)

Emaline Vaughn Woolsey (wife)

Mary “Polly” Vance Young (wife)

Lovina Young (wife)

Nancy Gibbons (wife) (died 1847)

Amasa E. Marrion (Amasa Edwin Merriam)

Rufus Martin

William Martin
Sarah Ann Brown (wife)
Malen Chace Martin
Luther Martin (died 1841)
William F. Martin (died 1844)
James A. Martin (died 1844)
Andrew Fleming Martin

Daniel D. McArthur (Daniel Duncan McArthur)
Cordelia Jane Clark (wife) (died 1844)
Andrew Bird McArthur
Anna McArthur (died 1844)

Matilda Caroline Fuller (wife)

Levi North
Arriminta Howard (wife)
Charles Addison North
Hyrum Bennett North
Almira North
Levi Howard North

William Pace (William Charles Pace)
Margaret Elizabeth Nichols
James Byron Pace (died 1831)
Wilson Daniel Pace
Harvey Alexander Pace
William Franklin Pace, Jr.
Granville Madison Pace (died 1841)
John Alma Lawrence Pace
Joseph Arlington Randolph Pace (died 1843)
Parley Pratt Pace

M. M. Sanders (Moses Martin Sanders)
Amanda Armstrong Fausett (wife)
William Carroll Sanders (died 1827)
Richard Twiggs Sanders
John Franklin Sanders
Rebecca Ann Sanders
Martha Brown Sanders
David Walker Sanders
Joseph Moroni Sanders
Sidney Rigdon Sanders (died 1846)
Emma Sanders
Eliza Jane Sanders (died 1847)
Hyrum Smith Sanders (died 1846)

Mary Jane Sparks (wife)

Levi Stewart
Melinda Howard (wife)
Elizabeth Jane Stewart
Melinda Elvira Stewart (died 1837)
Joseph Abram Stewart
John Riley Stewart
Emma Stewart (died 1844)
Louisa Stewart
Levi Howard Stewart

Charity Holdaway (wife)

William Swapp
Elizabeth Hill (wife)
Agnes Swapp (died 1846)

George B. Teeples (George Bentley Teeples)
Huldah Clarinda Colby (wife)
Harriet Elvira Teeples
Abner Seeley Teeples (died 1836)
William Randolph Teeples
Cynthia Rhoda Teeples
Henry Alanson Teeples
Augustus Teeples (died 1848)
Eunice Clarinda Teeples

John Vance
Sarah Lavina Gant Perkins (wife) (died 1836)
Isaac Young Vance
Margaret M. Vance
William Perkins Vance
James Vance
Nancy Ann Vance (married John Doyle Lee)
Uteri Perkins Vance (died 1834)
Lewis Perkins Vance (died 1834)

Elizabeth Campbell (wife)
Martha Jane Vance
Mary Elizabeth Vance
Lehi Moroni Vamce

Allen Weeks
Frances Elmira Strickland (wife) (died 1841)
William Finis Weeks
Warren Dominicus Weeks
Joseph Weeks (died 1841)

Sarah Jane Bennett (wife)
Hiram Weeks (died 1842)
James Richard Weeks (died 1845)
Sarah Jane Weeks
Allen Benjamin Weeks
Mary Almina Weeks

Mary “Polly” Bell (wife)

Melissa Bennett (wife)
Willard Wilbur Weeks

Hyrum Woolsey (Joseph Hyrum Woolsey)
Lucinda Jameson (wife)

Jacob Woolsey (Jacob C. Woolsey)
Elizabeth Weger (wife) (died 1831)

Eliza Elizabeth Trick (wife)

William Woolsey (William Richard Woolsey)

James Woolsey (James Hopkins Woolsey)
Lovina Patterson (wife)
Joseph Smith Woolsey
James Brigham Woolsey

Thomas Woolsey
Mary Burrell (wife)
Rheuben Woolsey (Reuben Berl Woolsey)
John Woolsey (died 1840)
Richard Woolsey (died 1840)
Thomas Andrew Woolsey
Joseph Henry Woolsey (died 1840)
Bartholomew Burrell Woolsey (died 1840)
Lucinda Woolsey
Abigail Woolsey

Julia Ann Mitchell (wife)
Margaret Woolsey

Elizabeth Ann Holdaway (wife)

Mary Lane (wife)

Lucretia Willis (wife)

Catherine Hickerson (wife)

William Woolsey (William Andrew Woolsey)

A. D. Young (Alfred Douglas Young)
Malinda Talbert McIntosh (wife) (died 1829)
John William Young
Darius Bainbridge Young (died 1829)

Anna Mundine Chappell (wife)
Malinda Jane Young
Jacob Young
Mary Eveline Young
Nancy Elizabeth Young
Sarah Emily Young
Martha Young
Susan Young

David Young, Sr. (David Adolpheus Young)
Elizabeth Vance (wife) (died 1847)
William Frederick Young (died 1847)
James Vance Young (died 1835)
Isaac Young (died 1811)
Lewis Vance Young (married Nancy Moreland Armstrong)
Mary Vance Young (married John Doyle Lee)
Lovina Young (married John Doyle Lee)
David Young, Jr . (David Isom Young)

John D. Lee’s Journals list others that were in Summer Quarters that were not included on the above list (2).

Charles Dalton
Mary Elizabeth Warner (wife)
John Luther Dalton
Elizabeth Permelia Dalton (died 1845)
Martha Jane Dalton (died 1847)
Charles Dalton

Edwin Woolley Davis

G. D. Grant (George Davis Grant)
Elizabeth Wilson (wife)
Athalia Elizabeth Grant
George Wilson Grant
Wilson Smith Grant
Josephine Grant
Don Carlos Grant

Louisa Margaret Redding (wife) (died 1846)
Heber C. Grant (died 1846)

Josiah Fleming Martin
Elizabeth Roach (wife) (died 1846)
Mary Ann Martin (died 1843)
Lucien A. A. Martin (died 1843)

Celina Hannah Russell (wife)
Elizabeth Martin

Father Morley (Isaac Morley)
Lucy Gunn (wife)
Philena Morley (married Amos Cox)
Lucy Diantha Morley (married Joseph Stewart Allen)
Editha Ann Morley (married Chauncey Whiting)
Calista Morley (died 1822)
Male Morley (died 1821)
Female Morley (died 1821)
Cordelia Calista Morley (married Frederick Walter Cox)
Theresa Arathusa Morley (married Heber Chase Kimball)
Isaac Morley, Jr .

Lenore Abigail Snow (wife)

Hannah Blakesley Finch (wife)
Joseph Lamoni Morley (died 1846)

Hannah Knight Libby (wife)

Eleanor Mills (wife)

Harriet Lucinda Cox (wife)

Betsey Bradford (wife)

Jacob Secrest (Jacob Foutz Secrist)
Ann Eliza Logan (wife)
Louisa Secrist (died 1844)
Louisa Secrist

Rodney Degrass Swasey

Edwin Dilworth Woolley
Mary Wickersham (wife)
John Wickersham Woolley
Franklin Benjamin Woolley
Rachel Emma Woolley
Samuel Wickershaw Woolley
Henrietta Woolley
Edwin Dilworth Woolley, Jr.

Louisa Chapin Gordon (wife)
Edwin Gordon Woolley

Ellen Wilding (wife)
Sarah Woolley

Adolphia Young
Rhoda Bryne Jared
Frances Gibson Young
Miriam Bryne Young
Anna Ross Young
Martha Vance Young
Samuel Smith Young
Adolphia Allen Young (died 1847)