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Residents of the Rushville Settlement,
Mills County


A Rushville Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was established between 1846 and 1847 and ended between March 1848 and April 1848.

Russell Homer was appointed the Captain of Ten and a list of members has been preserved giving the name and age of members in the family. Corrected names are in parentheses and typed in bold (1).

William Britian (age 29) (William Britain)
Mary (age 25) (wife) (Mary Rand Bains Britain)
Katharine (age 3) (Catherine Rebecca Britain)
Caroline (age 1) (Caroline Louise Britain)

There is no evidence that the family went west.  They probably moved to Coonville in about 1849 and stayed in Mills County, Iowa.  The following are found on the Glenwood Branch (originally call the Keg Creek Branch) records of the Reorganized Church in about 1875:  Caroline (born 1847); Eliza Ann (born 1852); Mary (born 1821); Willard B. (born 1857); and William (born 1818).

Nancy A. Braley (age 8)

Daniel Corlett (age 40) (Daniel Dewey Corbett)
Almira (age 37) (wife) (Elmira Bangs Wright Corbett)
Samuel (age 12) (Samuel Corbett)
John (age 10) (John Wright Corbett)
Betsey (age 6) (Betsey Patteson Corbett)
Almira (age 2) (Elmira Quinsey Corbett)

Family members not listed
Jonathan Corbett (died 1841)
Mary Emogene Corbett (born December 21, 1848)

Came west with the Allen Taylor Company in 1849

Russell Homer (age 32) (Russell King Homer)
Elisa (age 31) (wife) (Eliza Williamson Homer)
Edmund (age 8) (Edmond Homer)
Nancy Ann (age 6) (Nancy Ann Homer)
Anna Elisa (age 4) (Anna Eliza Homer)
William (age 2) (William Harrison Homer)

Family members not listed
Eliza Williamson Homer (died 1838)

Came west with the Samuel Gully/Orson Spencer Company in 1849

Joseph Mecham (age 29) 
Malinda (age 31) (wife) (Malinda Haskin Mecham)
Hersy Davis (age 8) (Arza Mecham)
Alvira (age 7) (Elvira Mecham)
Joseph (age 2) (Joseph Mecham)

Came west with the Benjamin Hawkins Company in 1850.

Rufus Stewart (age 36) (Rufus Putnam Stewart)
Mariah (age 20) (wife) (Mary Maria Judd Stewart)
Philander (age 4) (Philander Barrett Stewart) (son of Rufus Putnam and Mary Williamson Stewart)
Oliver (age 4) (Oliver Cowdery Stewart) (son of Rufus Putnam and Mary Williamson Stewart)
Rufus (age 2) (Rufus Putnam Stewart) (son of Rufus Putnam and Mary Maria Judd Stewart)

Family members not listed
Mary Williamson Stewart (died 1844)
Francis Marion Stewart (born 1839)

Came west with an unknown company in 1851

Alma M. Williams (age 41) (Almon McCumber Williams)
Zilpha B. (age 34) (Zilpha Baker Cilley)
Jane M. (age 12) (Jane Marion Williams)
Emmett (age 7) (Emmetta Louisa Williams)
Mary J. (age 5) (Mary Josephine Williams)

Family members not listed
Josephine Williams (died 1839)
Almond Ludovic Williams (died 1844)
Charlotte Maria Williams (died 1847)

Almon McCumber Williams went west with the Brigham Young vanguard company in 1847.  He was in the 8th Ten, led by Seth Taft, Captain (2).  He must have returned to Iowa and then went to Fremont County for a time and died in Plattville Township, Mills County in 1874.

Elijah Williams (age 67) 
Mary (age 62) (Mary McComber Williams)
George W. (age 15) (George H. Williams)
Both Elijah and Mary died in Mills County, Iowa.

Pottawattamie High Council

The Pottawattamie High Council minutes listed the following from the Rushville Branch (3):

Lebbeus Thaddeus Coons
Russell H. Homer (see above)
Benjamin Johnson
Elijah Williams (Dead) (see above)

Lebbeus Thaddeus Coons
Mary Ann Williamson Coons (wife)
Adeline Coons (born 1833)
Susan Coons (born 1834)
Sidney Coons (born 1839)
Mary Alvira Coons (born 1842)
Martha Ann Coons (born 1844; died 1844)
Patience Coons (born 1846)
Lebbeus Thaddeus Coons (born 1850)
John Williamson Coons (born 1853)

Came west with an unknown company in about 1865.

Benjamin Johnson
Lovina Hayes Johnson (wife)
Walter Johnson (born 1822)
James Willard Johnson (born 1826)
Mary Elizabeth Johnson (born 1828)
Clara Ann Johnson (born 1830; died 1832)
Eli Johnson (born 1830)
John Oliver Johnson (born 1831)
King Benjamin Johnson (born 1833)

May have come west with the Silas Richards Company in 1851.


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