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Statistics of the Winter Quarters Third Ward

All family members of the head of the household living within the Ward boundaries are listed prior to their departure West or through 1853, whichever occurred first. Some of these children may have been married or died and were not living with the family when the Ward census was taken. The Winter Quarters wards were only in place from 1846-1848, at which time the government required the Latter-day Saints, who were on Indian lands, to move back to the east side of the Missouri River.

To view and/or download the GEDCOM for the Winter Quarters Third Ward Residential Area, click here: WARD 3

*Please note that all individuals included in the GEDCOM file did not necessarily live at Winter Quarters. They are only included as family members of those who did reside at Winter Quarters.

Bishop: Levi E. Riter

Number of members: 185 as of 31 December 1846

# Indicates members of the ward as listed by “Winter Quarter Wards Index to Membership Lists: 1846-1848”.
( ) indicates spelling, if different.

Those members in “bold type” are most likely the ones in the current family.

Multiple wives are indicated by ( ) after the name.


#Anderson, Miles
Anderson, Nancy Pace
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, James Pace
Anderson, Sarah
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Martha
Anderson, Eliza
Anderson, Martin Huston
Anderson, Milton Benton
Anderson, William Rucker
#Biley, John (probably John Riley)
Riley, Nancy Wood
Riley, Margaret
Riley, Richard Wood
Riley, Elizabeth Wood
Riley, Ruth Wood
Riley, Susanna
#Banta, Henry--Possible match (Benta, Henry)
Banta, Dorothy Demott
Banta, Peter
Banta, Daniel H.
Banta, Lawrence
Banta, John T.
Banta, William T.
Banta, Mary M.
Banta, Kate Ann
#Barnett, Samuel (Barnet, Samuel)
Barnett, Lodemia Sly
Barnett, Samuel
Barnett, William
#Beard, Christian
Beard, Margaret Almarode
Beard, Abram
Beard, Maria Louisa
Beard, Caroline
Beard, Harriet
Beard, Elizabeth
Beard, Martha Ann
Beard, William
Beard, John
#Birch, Francis
Birch, Elizabeth Hardman
#Browett, Martha Pulham
Browett, Daniel (serving in Mormon Battalion)
#Browett, Elizabeth Harris
Browett, Moroni
#Burrows, David
Burrows, Sarah Creeland
Burrows, William Creeland
#Carlisle, James (Carle, James)
Carlisle, Emily Ann Giles
#Carter, Thomas
Carter, Margaret Elsie
Carter, Margaret Elsie
Carter, Charles
Carter, Barnabas
Carter, Margaret Jane
Carter, Atha
Carter, Sarah Ann
Carter, Zarilda
Carter, Susanna
Carter, Harriet Angelina
#Cheese, John
Cheese, Mary Weaver
Cheese, Harriet
Cheese, John P.
Cheese, William
#Cheney, Nathan Calhoon (Cheney, Nathan)
Cheney, Eliza Ann Beebe
Cheney, Helen Marr
Cheney, Eliza Jane
Cheney, Charles Ebenezer
Cheney, Nathan Beebe
Cheney, Ann Louisa
Cheney, Franklin Beebe
#Chidester, John Madison (Chitester, John M.)
Chidester, Mary Josephine Parker
Chidester, John Peck
Chidester, Eunice
Chidester, Mary
Chidester, Willard Darwin
Chidester, Jared
Chidester, David
Chidester, Joshua Parker
Chidester, James Madison
Chidester, Esther
Chidester, Willard Darwin
#Clark, Lorenzo
Clark, Beulah Ann Rodgers
Clark, Washington
Clark, Lucinda
Clark, Harriet Matilda
Clark, Lydia Ann
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Nancy Louise
Clark, Francis
Clark, Felina
Clark, Sarah Paulina
#Clifford, Harriet
Clyde, George Washington (Clyde, George W.)
#Clyde, Cynthia Davis
Clyde, George Washington
Clyde, Solomon David
Clyde, William Morgan
Clyde, Edward Prentiss
Clyde, Almon David
Clyde, Lucy Bethia
Clyde, James Heber
Clyde, Lorinthia
#Colton, Aaron
#Colton, Andrew
Colton, Fidelia Reed
Colton, George Washington
Colton, Alma Morton
Colton, Philena Jane
Colton, Andrew Myron
Coltron, Melissa Ann
#Creger, Andrew J.
Creger, Nancy Cooley
Creger, William Van Buren
Creger, Alpha Emeline
Creger, Mary Catherine
Creger, Daniel Cooley
Creger, Amanda
Cummings, George Washington (serving in the Mormon Battalion)
#Cummings, Phebe Jane Fergeson (Cummings, Jane)
#Cummings, Charles
Cummings, James
#Cummings, Cornelius
Cummings, John
#Cummings, Harriet (Cummings, Margaret)
Cummings, Angeline
Cummings, George Alma
Cummings, Phebe Jane
Cummings, Reuben
Cummings, Franklin
Curtis, Dorr Purdy (serving in the Mormon Battalion)
#Curtis, Catherine Adelia Haight
#Curtis, Jeremiah
#Curtis, Joseph
Curtis, Sally Ann Reed
Curtis, Sarah Jane
#Curtis, Lyman
Curtis, Charlotte Alvord
Curtis, Julia
Curtis, Ammon
Curtis, Thaddeus
Curtis, Adeline Clarinda
Curtis, Henry
Curtis, Samuel Bent
Curtis, Joseph Nahum
Curtis, William Frederick
#Curtis, Moses
Curtis, Aurelia Peckman Jackman
Curtis, Moses Monroe
Curtis, Angeline
Curtis, Francis Argyle
Curtis, Evaline Madora
#Curtis, Nahum (Curtis, Nayham)
#Dalton, Simon Cooker (Dalton, Simon)
Dalton, Lucretia Annable
Dalton Charles Wakeman
Dalton, George Simon
Dalton, Sarah Elizabeth
Dalton, Henry Harvey
Dalton, Maria Harriet
#Davis, George David Varner (Davis, _______)
Davis Caroline Frances Angell
Davis, Mary Ann Angell
Davis, Sarah Abigail
Davis, George David
#Eastman, James
Eastman, Clarissa Goss
Eastman, William Goos
Eastman, Benjamin Franklin
Eastman, Sylvia Savonia
Eastman, Ozro French
#Evans, Horace (Ivins, Horace)
Evans, Candace Judd
Evans, Oscar Marion
Evans, Laura Marinda
#Fox, John
Fox, Mary Foster
Fox, William
#Hardman, Richard
Hardman, Margaret Holden
Hardman, Elizabeth
Hardman, Alice
Hardman, Betsy
Hardman, Mary Ann
Hardman, Alice
Hardman, Alice Eliza
Hardman, James
Hardman, Mary Jane
Hardman, Lehi Nephi
Hardman, Mary Jane
Hardman, George Richard
#Hillman, Silas (Hilman, Silas)
Hillman, Electa Fidelia Hulet (1)
Hillman, Adelina
Hillman, Guilieta Fidelia
Hillman, Emily Ann Cocks (Cox) (20) married in 1850
Hillman, Emily Jane Long
Hillman, Ellen Clestia
#Hovey, Joseph Grafton
Hovey, Martha Ann Webster
Hovey, Elizabeth Woodville
Hovey, Martha Wallace
Hovey, Grafton Wallace
Hovey, Joseph Grafton
Hovey, Thomas Josiah
Hovey, George Wallace
Hovey, Martha Jane(originally named Hannah Adelaide)
#Lane, Johnson F.
Lane, Matilda Kelly
Lane Clarindia
Lane, Joshua
Lane, Frances
#Lower, Amos Stackhouse (Lower, Amos)
Lower, Drucila Jackson
Lower, William Powell
Lower, Richard
Lower, Edward H.
Lower, Albert
Lower, Amos
Lower, Ann Harriet
Lower, Amos Stackhouse
Lower, Abraham
Lower, Mary Curlott
#Mahoney, Bartholomew (Mahoney, Matholew)
Mahoney, Mary Ann Lightener
#Mansfield, Mathew (Mansfield, Mathew)
Mansfield, Mary Ann Harris
Mansfield, Thomas
Mansfield, Mary Ann
#Merrill, Philemon Christopher (Marrel, Philena C.)
Merrill, Cyrena Dustin
Merrill, Sabrina Lodena
Merrill, Philemon Christopher
Merrill, Lucy Cyrena
Merrill, Melissa Jane
#Mills, Alexander
Mills, Elizabeth
Mills, James
Mills, Alexander
Mills, John
#Morrison, John
Morrison, Sarah Mark
Morrison, Jane
Morrison, Andrew
Morrison, Sarah
Morrison, Mark
Morrison, Matthew
Morrison, John
Morrison, Joseph
Morrison, Ellen
Morrison, Thomas M.
#Nelson, Edmond (Nelson, Edmund)
Nelson, Jane Taylor
Nelson, Price Williams
Nelson, Elisabeth
Nelson, Martha
Nelson, Rhoda
Nelson, Hyrum
Nelson, William Goforth
Nelson, Mary Jane
Nelson, Thomas Billington
Nelson, Joseph Smith
Nelson, Nancy
Nelson, Edmond
Nelson, Mark
Nelson, Anna
#Newberry, James
Newberry, Mary Smith
Newberry, Jane
Newberry, John Smith
Newberry, James Washington
Newberry, Abraham B.
Newberry, Sarah Ann
Newberry, Hannah Maria
Newberry, Harriet
Newberry, Lettie Louisa
Newberry, Esther
Newberry, Martha
#Olmstead, Harvey (Omstead, Harvey)
#Owen, Abel (died July 1845)
Owen, Elizabeth Davis
Owen, Belinda Jane
Owen, Lucinda
Owen, Francis Marion
Owen, Emeline
#Perrin, Charles Chauncy (Parin, Charles) (served in Company A of the Mormon Battalion)
Perrin, Hannah Williams
Perrin, Thomas Jefferson
Perrin, Charles Chauncy
#Parker, Henry Miller (Parker, Hugh)
Parker, Ann Cummings (1) (died 4 Aug 1843)
Parker, John (died 15 Aug 1846)
Parker, William Henry
Parker, Nancy Wood Riley (2)
Parker, Joseph Hyrum
Parker, Violate Ellen
Parker, Heber Thomas Riley
#Perry, Asahel (Pary, Ashael)
Perry, Polly Chadwick
Perry, Isaac
Perry Lucy Ann
Perry, Willard August
Perry, William Chadwick
Perry, Orin
Perry, Hyrum
Perry, Stephen Chadwick
Perry, Philander Jackson
Perry, Lewis
Perry, Polly Maria
#Perry, Philander Jackson (Parry, Philander)
Perry, Sarah Ann Bleazard
Perry, Asahel
Perry, Hyrum Jackson
Perry, William Henry
Perry, Louisa Ann
Perry, Lorin Rising
Perry, Charles Nelles
#Perry, Stephen Chadwick (Pary, Stephen)
Perry, Susannah Collista Hidden (1) (died 22 Jan 1843)
Perry, Stephen Hidden
Perry, Anna Maria Hulet (2)
Perry, Mahonri Moriancumer
Perry, Tryphen Roseltha
Perry, Lewis Rosalvo
#Porter, James Buchanan (Porter, James)
Porter, Elizabeth Schlotterback
Porter, Elizabeth Sophia
Porter, Lydia Ann
Porter, George Schlotterbeck
Porter, Martha Jane
Porter, James Henry
#Price, Charles
Price, Mary Jane Shelton
Price, Benjamin P.
Price, Mary Jane
Price, Sarah Ann
Price, Sarah W.
#Reed, Calvin
Reed, Mary Curtis
Reed, Olive Marian
Reed, Nahum Calvin
Reed, Mary Mahala
Reed, Heber Curtis
#Richards, Levi
Richards, Sarah Griffith
Richards, Levi Willard
Riter, Levi Evans
Riter, Rebecca Wollerton Dilworth
Riter, Samuel Harvey Wollerton
Riter, Margaret A.
Riter, William Wollerton
Riter, Ann Elizabeth
#Romney, Miles (Rumner, Miles)
Romney, Elizabeth Gaskell
Romney, George
Romney, Elizabeth
Romney, Sarah
Romney, Joseph Gaskell
Romney, Brigham
Romney, Ellen
Romney, Miles Park
Romney, Heber
Romney, Hiram Thomas Gaskell
Romney, Mary Ann
#Shurtliff, Luman Andrus (Shurleff, Luman A.)
Shurtliff, Eunice Bagg Gaylord (1) (died 7 Oct 1845)
Shurtliff, Elsemina Emergene
Shurtliff, Mary Eliza
Shurtliff, Lewis Warren
Shurtliff, Lydia Amanda
Shurtliff, Jane Narcissus
Shurtliff, Elizabeth Hatch
Shurtliff, Lucy Amerilla
Shurtliff, Altamire Gaylord (2)
Shurtliff, Noah Luman
Shurtliff, Ellen Cordelia
Shurtliff, Francis Marion
Shurtliff, Melissa Adeline Shurtleff
Smith, William (died 29 Jan 1847)
#Smith, Ann
Smith, Sarah
Smith, William John (Smith, Wm. John)
#Strong, Ezra
Strong, Olive Lowell (Strong, Olive)
Strong, Sampson
Strong, Solomon
Strong, Olive
Strong, Ezra
Strong, Nancy
Strong, Wesley
Strong, Fletcher
Strong, Willard
Strong, Priscilla
Strong, Silas Gates
#Taylor, John
Taylor, Leonora Cannon (1)
Taylor, George John
Taylor, Mary Ann
Taylor, Joseph James
Taylor, Leonora Agnes
Taylor, Elizabeth Kaighan (2)
Taylor, Josephine
Taylor, Jane Balantyne (3)
Taylor, Ann Hughlings (4)
Taylor, Mary Ann Oakley (5)
Taylor, Sophia Whitaker (6)
#Terry, Jacob Err (Terry, Jacob E.)
Terry, Mary Mariah Riley (1)
Terry, Julia Ann
Terry, Nancy
Terry, David
Terry Jacob E.
Terry, Nathan Harris
Terry William Riley
Terry, Catherine Hannah Brown (2)
Terry, John Johnson
#Topham, John
Topham, Jane Thornton
Topham, John
Topham, William Thornton
Topham, Hannah
Topham, James
Topham, Sarah Jane
Topham, Elizabeth
Topham, Joseph
Topham, Jane
Topham, Thomas Thornton
Topham, Rebecca
Topham, Susanna Roxelane
#Wordsworth, William Shin (Wardsworth, Wm.)
Wordsworth, Ann Morrison (1)
Wordsworth, Ann Fogg (2)
Wordsworth, Nancy Ann Vance (3)
#Whipple, Edson (Whipple, Amos)
Whipple, Lavina Goss
Whipple, Maria Blanche
#Wickel, Harmon (Wickel, Harmon)
Wickel, Elizabeth Reichard
Wickel, Harrison Harmon
Wickel, Henry
Wickel, Mary
Wickel, John
Wickel, Richard
Wickel, Lemuel
Williams, Peter (died 22 Oct 1846)
Williams, Elizabeth Caroline Kelynack (died before 1846)
#Williams, John H. (age 6 living with Ann Smith family)
#Wilson, Whitford Gill (Willson, Whitford)
Wilson, Mary Sheehand
Wilson, Amanda
Wilson, Jasper Green
Wilson, Rheumina
Wilson, Sarah Jane
Wilson, Tabitha
Wilson, Martha Ann
Wilson, Maryetta
Wilson, Jane Ann
Wilson, Calvin Clinton
Wilson, Victoria Elizabeth
#Wood, David
Wood, Catherine Crites
Wood, Benjamin George
Wood, Sarah Catherine
Wood, Margaret Polly
Wood, David
Wood, Sarah Ann
Wood, Amanda
Wood, Delilah
Wood, William Osborn
Wood, Elizabeth Agnes
Wood, Oscar Alexander
#Woodard, Jedediah Stark (Woodard, J. S.)
Woodard, Emily Jane Northrop
Woodard, Charles Northrop
Woodard, Francis Snow
Woodard, Joseph Henry
Woodard, Mary Elizabeth
Woodard, Emily Jane
Woodard, Martha Ann
#Wright, Jefferson (Wright, L.)
Wright, Sarah Elizabeth Angell

Residents in the Mormon Battalion

Browett, Daniel (4th Sergt. Company E)
Cummings, George Washington (Private, Company E)
Curtis, Dorr Purdy (Private, Company B)
Perrin, Charles Chauncy (Private, Company D)

Residents Who Died at Winter Quarters (19) (10% of members)

*Click on the grave number to see a map of the Winter Quarters Pioneer Cemetery

Browett, Moroni Grave #11
Clark, Felina Cutler's Park #17
Cummings, George Alma Cutler's Park #56
Cummings, Harriet Grave #140
Cummings, John Cutler's Park #24
Hovey, Martha Ann Webster Cutler's Park #5
Hovey, Martha Jane Cutler's Park #5
Smith, William Grave #71
Williams, John H. Grave #127
Williams, Peter Cutler's Park #30

Information taken from Jensen, Carlyle B. and Gail Geo. Holmes, A “Grave” Experience at the Mormon Pioneer Winter Quarters Cemetery, October 1999.

Others that died indicated by family records:

Curtis, Angeline Died Jan 1848
Merrill, Lucy Cyrena Died 6 Sep 1846
Owen, Abel Died Jun 1848
Strong, Fletcher Died 15 Feb 1847
Strong, Willard Died 14 Feb 1847
Topham, Joseph Died 1 Aug 1847
Topham, Jane Died 19 Aug 1851
Whipple, Lavina Gross Died 13 Sep 1846
Whipple, Basmoth Elnore Hutchins Died 9 Sep 1846

Number of Deaths by Age Group

Number of Deaths by Age Group a  0-8 yrs
b  9-16 yrs
c  17-60 yrs
d  Over 60 yrs

Causes of Death For Residents of the Winter Quarters Third Ward

Causes of Death For Residents of the Winter Quarters Third Ward a  Bilious Fever
b  Bowel Comp.
c  Canker
d  Consumption
e  Fever
f  Fits
g  Scurvy
h  Typhus Fever
i  Unknown