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Pioneer Cemeteries in the Winter Quarters Area

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Cutler's Park
Illinois Burial
Winter Quarters Pioneer Cemetery

Illinois Burials

Three children were listed at the end of the Winter Quarters Pioneer Cemetery burial records with no grave number. Other records, with William G. Sterrett listed as Sexton, stated that these same three children were buried in Illinois.

Nauvoo Burials

Records indicate the following:

"Buried in the City of Nauvoo, Illinois in Lot 33 owned by Martin H. Peck, on Warsaw Street." Considering the conflict in Nauvoo in 1846, with the Latter-day Saints being driven out of Illinois, it is safe to assume that when the Ranck children died just a day apart from each other, their family had to bury them in the city before vacating, but did not have a chance to record the deaths and burials until they reached the safety of the Winter Quarters camp on the Missouri River.

Ranck, Mary Catherine, daughter of Peter and Ann Ranck
Born: Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania, 17 November 1844
Died: 17 July 1846
Cause of death: Canker
Age at Death: 1 year, 8 months

Ranck, William, son of Peter and Ann Ranck
Born: Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania, 15 March 1846
Died: 18 July 1846
Cause of Death: Fits
Age at Death: 4 months, 3 days

Warsaw, Illinois

It appears from the records that Samanthea Willey is buried two-and-a-half miles north of Warsaw, Illinois. With her death occurring in 1841, it would seem strange that it was not officially recorded until the family reached Winter Quarters in 1846. Perhaps the family did not have a place to record their daughter's death while they were living in Illinois, but upon reaching the Missouri River, found that deaths were being recorded and mentioned their daughter's name at that time--hoping that she would not be forgotten.

Willey, Samanthea Ellen, daughter of Jeremiah and Samanthea
Born: 1840
Died: 1841
Cause of Death: "In Head"
Age at Death: 1 year, 3 months, 24 days