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Residents of the Settlement of Crescent, Pottawattamie County


The original settlers of Crescent as listed in the Frontier Chronicle are in bold print (1).  Pearl Wilcox lists others known to have settled early in Crescent (2). 

Other members of the family are listed but may not have been in Crescent. Some had died before that time and some of the children had married and were living with their own families elsewhere.

James Britton Boren
Nancy Ann McIntosh (wife)
Israel A. Boren
Margaret Jan Boren
Nancy Parmelia Boren
Cornelius Hale Boren
Melinda Laura Boren

Agnes Hutchinson (wife)

Obadiah Hiram Dutrow
Martha Emily McMullen (wife)

Samuel Eggleston
Luraina Powers Burgess (wife)
Dwight Eggleston (died 1829)
Benjamin Eggleston (died 1830)
Reuben Burgess Eggleston
Edwin Eggleston
Harvey Burgess Eggleston
Orson Hyde Eggleston
Samuel Eggleston (died 1847 in Winter Quarters)
Mary Elizabeth Eggleston

Lewis “Levi” Jackson Goddard

Benjamin George Harding
Eliza Ann Hoskins (wife)

Samuel Milton Hough
Eliza Jane Allen (wife)
Mortimer Delbert Hough
Martha A. Hough
Samuel Byron Hough (died 1843)
Esther Jane Hough
Adelaide Hough (died 1846)
Russell Morgan Hough
Warren Milton Hough
Marcellus Augustus Hough
Herbert Alonzo Hough (adopted)
Denver Deloit Hough

Daniel Smith Jackson
Phebe Lawrence Cowdery (wife)
Adelia Keziah Jackson
Seraph Lemira Jackson
Marcellus Jackson (died 1850)
Oliver Cowdery Jackson
William Franklin Jackson
Cynthia E. Jackson
Amy Jackson
Frank Phinney Jackson

Joseph Ellis Johnson, Sr.
Harriet Ellen Snyder (wife)
Mary Julia Johnson
Eliza Antonetta Johnson (died 1844)
Joseph Ellis Johnson, Jr. (died 1847)
John Ezekiel Edgar Johnson
Harriet Josephine Johnson
Joel Elmer Johnson, Sr.
Diadamia Wheeler Johnson
Martha Aurelia Johnson

Hannah Maria Goddard (wife)
Josephus Eugene Johnson
Elisina Sethia Johnson
Josetta Eloise Johnson
Christiana Maria Johnson
Joseph Ellis Johnson, Jr.
Frances Amanda Goddard Johnson

Robert Kirkwood
Mary Muir (wife)
Janet H. Kirkwood
Robert Kirkwood
Agnes Kirkwood
Mary Kirkwood
Isabel Catherine Kirkwood
John Muir Kirkwood
James Edward Kirkwood
Peter Kirkwood
Thomas Andrew Kirkwood
Anne Kirkwood
Elizabeth Kirkwood

Charles William Lapworth
Agnes Tuprith Currie (wife)

Lyman Omar Littlefield
Julietta Lucinda Sweezey (wife)
Mariah Littlefield (died 1840)
Edward Lytton Littlefield (died 1845)

Olive Andrews (wife)
Hyrum O. Littlefield (died 1843)
Donna Isora Littlefield

Adeline Amarilla Hamblin (wife)
Charles Hamblin Littlefield

Charles Felix Pratt
Gabrilla Ann Callaham (wife)
John William Pratt
Nancy Elizabeth Pratt
James Abner Pratt
Sylvester Valentine Pratt
Martha Ann Pratt
Emma Matilda Pratt
Phoebe Jane Pratt
Charles Felix Pratt
Leona Mary Frances Pratt

Richard Wilson Steele
Mary Ann Reese (wife)
Thomas Grafton Steele
Moses Beckett Steele
Mary Elizabeth Steele

William Strang
Jane Muir (wife)
Janet Strang (died 1843)
Elizabeth Strang
Male Strang (died 1853)
Margaret Strang
John Strang
Jane Strang
William Strang, Jr.

Henry A. Terry (Henry Algernon Terry)
Rachel T. Terry (Rachel Lattha Gillett) (wife)

David Wilding
Alice Atkinson (wife)
George Wilding
Elizabeth Ann Wilding
James Wilding
Heber Chase Wilding
David William Patten Wilding
Joseph Smith Wilding
Jeannetta Wilding
Alice Wilding
Henry Wilding (died 1848)
Thomas Wilding
Sarah Ellen Wilding


1.  “The TERRY’s of Crescent,” The Frontier Chronicle 4 (1):7.

2.  Pearl Wilcox, Roots of the Reorganized Latter-Day Saints in Southern Iowa (Independence, Missouri:  P. G. Wilcox c1989), 107.